Impact of UJA’s investment in Bat Yam:

Bat Yam is located in the center of the country boasting 160,000 residents where almost 35% of the residents are immigrants from the Former Soviet Union and Ethiopia and 40% of the population are senior citizens.

Currently Bat Yam has limited resources and few prospects for economic growth as the city faces another influx of new immigrants from the Ukraine and France.

UJA Federation's Goal in Bat Yam:

  • To work with local government and other strategic partners to ensure the next generation of Israelis living in Bat Yam fulfill their potential and strengthen their ability to contribute to society and the Israeli economy
  • To use STEEM Science, Technology, Engineering, English, Math Education in schools as a vehicle for socio-economic mobility

The Impact of UJA's partnership in Bat Yam:

  • 780 pupils now have access to advanced math, science and English programs
  • 43 Teachers are accessing professional development programs in math, science, English and cyber studies
  • 700 children are provided with, and inspired by, field trips to science and technology centres in Israel
  • 100’s of children are participating in cyber and science competitions every year
  • Development and building of new science and language labs in Bat Yam

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