Run with Israel
Monday, May 22

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About the Run with Israel

UJA Federation is 100 years old! As we celebrate UJA’s Centennial we remember that long before the state of Israel was ever established UJA Federation was working towards its creation, sharing an unbreakable bond with the land and its people. Over the last 69 years UJA has worked in collaboration with municipalities, private foundations, philanthropists and government organizations creating solution based strategies to make real change in the country.

Walk and Run fundraising total:

Top Individual Fundraisers

  1 -  SpinMaster Reward Jenna Nightingale ($390.00)
  2 -  SpinMaster Reward Personal Gift Jonathan Straus ($360.00)
  3 -  Personal Gift Janet Marche ($200.00)
  4 -  Personal Gift Caleb Mansell ($100.00)
  5 -  Personal Gift Dena Libman ($36.00)
  6 -  Personal Gift Bruce Miller ($25.00)
  7 -  Personal Gift Fern Kachuck ($20.00)
  8 -  Personal Gift Benjamin Shore ($18.00)
  9 -  Personal Gift David Engelberg ($18.00)
  10 -  TEAM SHINSHINIM ($0.00)

Top Team Fundraisers

  1 -  Team ShinShinim ($100.00)

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Corporate Sponsors

UJA's Run with Israel owes a huge debt of gratitude to its incredibly generous sponsors. Last year our sponsors helped propel the Run to its most successful year ever. Through sponsorship we are able to bring our community together, offering a quality experience like no other in North America.