UJA's Walk with Israel

Salama Boys 2016 Walk With Israel
Salama Boys 2016 Walk With Israel

Salama Family

Dearest family and friends,

On May 22nd, 2017 our family will be participating in UJA's annual Walk with Israel.

By supporting UJA and the walk, you are supporting Jewish funding of education in Toronto and more importantly also supporting their ongoing work in Israel OUR Holy Land.

i want too thank my sister melissa as she always been a leader too take my boys, this year g-d willing my wife and daughter will be going with them and i as well  too show our support.

Now more than ever, not only have we seen the entire “rational” world scrutinize and jump to criticize Israel at any opportunity, but we are now seeing their true colours and influx of Anti-Semitic acts and demonstrations against the Jewish People around the world.

Please demonstrate your pride for Israel and the Jewish nation by sponsoring us in our walk with Israel. AM YISRAEL CHAI!



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