UJA's Walk with Israel

Katz Fam is headed to Israel!
Katz Fam is headed to Israel!

Katz Family

Welcome to the Katz Family Page!

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On Monday May 22nd, 2017 we will once again be participating in the UJA Walk with Israel.

Our family walks in this community-wide event every year.

We participated individually before we met, together as a couple, pregnant, then with 1, 2, and now 3 wonderful kids. Last year we raised over $12,000!

This year we and our children, Ezra, Jazmin, and Gizelle are aiming to raise even more to show our pride in who we are and to keep life in Greater Toronto and Israel strong, vibrant and generous. This community has accomplished amazing things.

This summer we will see these accomplishments first hand on a trip to Israel!

Please sponsor us.
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